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Friday, February 15, 2013

Digital Humanities, an Introduction

You can start where everyone starts on the internet these days, at Wikipedia.

If you think you are ready to jump in and get your feet wet, check out this article by Lisa Spiro, who discusses just how to get started.

A Controversial Definition

A great article by Tom Scheinfeldt, "Stuff Digital Humanists Like," defines Digital Humanities by its values.

Unfortunately, defining Digital Humanities isn't that simple, and A Short Guide to the Digital_Humanities has sparked significant controversies over the definition.

The full book of Digital_Humanities is also a great resource to get you started.

To read an interesting contrast of the two sides of the definition debate, check out this blog post.

Sample Projects

To give you an idea of what can come of Digital Humanities, here are some projects that might pique your interest:
Other interesting DH-related projects include:

DH & Libraries

For more information about Digital Humanities and its impact on libraries, check out these useful links:
If you are looking for something close to home, Falvey Library has its own DH initiative, Aurelius.

Click here to learn more about the library's online exhibit + DH projects.

Noteworthy Centers

Here are two powerhouse Digital Humanities Centers if you are curious to see their latest news and projects:


Just like all other academic fields, Digital Humanities already has a nice stock-pile of journals and news sources for your perusal:


A lot of DH buffs and organizations have jumped on the Twitter band-wagon and are tweeting away with the latest DH info. UCLA has some great information about why they use Twitter in their DH classes.

Check out these Digital humanists on Twitter to hear what they have to say:
If you are looking for more Digital humanists on Twitter, check out this DH registry